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Building credibility in your local community is essential to business growth. Local SEO looks at all aspects of local digital marketing, where we can drive local searches within your town, suburb or even street, directly to your website. We look to increase your search visibility across local keyword searches, appear in Google maps and also generate raving reviews within the local market.

We look to include specific suburbs and location-based keyword searches within our SEO strategy to attract the "low-hanging fruit" because businesses would much prefer to deal with a local business that they trust. Over one-third of mobile searches on Google are local which means there is a huge demand within your area that we can target and help drive new customers your way.

Some of the SEO work we do includes keyword analysis and research to determine which local searches are being made every month, we then head to create a Google maps listing for you and optimise the title using some of the higest intent and highest search volume phrases from our research. We then get to work on your website following our SEO methodology to rank you for these keywords. No dark magic, only SEO science and coffee required on our end.


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Most mobile searches will be local, which means you are dealing with highly engaged customers who want a solution straight away. We will ensure your mobile website is setup to attract and convert these visitors by optimising the mobile website so you are business ready.

It's simple really, we will make you visible in multiple local key searches. Your traffic will increase and more leads will drive through to your business. We don't call this rocket science but just straight forward SEO that's easy to track and measure. Your Google maps listing will have all of your key information and address so people can even head straight over to you without contact.

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